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Monday, April 21, 2008

Red white

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Andrea said...

Thanks so much for wanting to be a part of my moleskine exchange!

I got more than 10 volunteers, so I figure we will have 15 people and all do 6 pages each. That okay with you? I would like to use the large sketch Moleskine.

I have set up a new blogger page especially for this. I want to have it so everyone can post to it whenever they want.

What I need for all of you to do is send me an email at
confirming that you are in - FOR SURE! I know a couple of you had doubts, I understand! Be sure you want to do this. I will also need your mailing address to give everyone so they know where to send the books. As soon as I get confirmation that everyone has their Moleskine and is ready to go I will send you a link to become an admin member on this site.